Autumn Reflection

Nov 21, 2023
Something surely must be sorely aching; desperately longing to come through.
Always, already and everywhere: a subtle, unbendable companion.
A guiding whisper, all along.
In time, if left unattended, it will scream its lungs out for attention!
Eventually making damn sure it has your attention!
A command to listen.
A prompt to befriend stillness.
A cue to simply be.
A friendly reminder of belonging.
A welcoming back of aliveness, expressed through every cell of the body, lending the busy, oh-so-important life a comic quality.
Rendering whatever convincing story the mind is running naive and totally fucking futile.
Indeed, we have it coming; a deeper calling capable of stopping us in our tracks.
But the subtle, guiding whisper is here all along.
Can you hear yours?
• • •


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